Thursday, November 1, 2012

Officially 8 months

Doctor's Appointment Today:

Baby Hawk weighs 5 lbs now. He said she's in the 76th percentile. At this rate, I'm not sure I'll even make it to December 18th! I only gained 1 pound back from the 3 I lost last week. 

They did an ultrasound this week. He said she scores an 8 out of 8 on all of the vitals so I guess that's good but she's a big baby. He looks at all my numbers and said that he thought I was doing really good with the blood sugar except for some sporadic reads. He went back and forth with himself on whether or not he was going to put me on insulin. He said it was only going to get worse as we got closer and she got bigger and then he said we'd wait another week. AND THEN he measured my stomach. I grew 5 cms in 1 week, which he says is a lot. Once he saw that he decided to go ahead and do it. So tomorrow morning I have to go back in so they can show me how to give myself shots :( He's putting me on the lowest dose possible because he said he's actually worried about it getting too low because my numbers are actually pretty good. We will see what happens. I guess I need to get some candy to carry around in my purse in case in drops too low. 

The ultrasound tech remembered me from the 4D ultrasound and gave me two more 4D pics today because she didn't have her hands in her face as much. I thought that was SUPER nice. All I have are the black and white photos and I can't figure out how to get them to the computer. One is of face where she is looking down and another of her when she yawned. There is some kind of weird thing looking like it's protruding from her cheek, but I'm sure it was something floating around, but of course I'm completely obsessed with it and now think my baby has a weird growth on her cheek. I'm sure the tech would have said something if she thought it was out of the ordinary. Her cheeks have gotten fat. I think she might have gained the whole pound in her cheeks. 

She's still in the breech position. They said that they really like for them to turn by 34 weeks. I was thinking well that is something that is completely out of my control. She's going to have to decide to do that on her own. Good to know that she has her father's procrastination tendencies though. 

That's all I know right now. Work is letting me pretty much do what I want, which is nice of them. I'm trying not to take advantage though. 

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  1. I hate that they are putting you on insulin... But as long as you are keeping a check on your numbers, you'll be prepared in case it gets too low!
    What you saw on her cheek was most likely where she moved... That's the bad thing about the 4-d. If they move, it makes the them look deformed! I've seen some where it looked like half the baby's face was all messed up. But they had just moved the wrong way at the exact wrong time... She's perfect! 76th percentile isn't THAT big. :)