Thursday, September 20, 2012

Low Rider

Almost another 2 weeks are down. 

Her kicks are getting stronger, still not strong enough for Jay to feel her though. She usually moves around about 30 mins after I eat and right before I go to bed, then randomly throughout the day. She's apparently a low rider. I can't feel her at all around my belly button or anything. I mainly feel kicks around my bladder and intestines. 

My jeans have gotten uncomfortable and I started wearing the band thing last weekend when I wear them. My black pants still fit. I went ahead and bought some maternity clothes. Just two pair of jeans, one pair of black pants and a tank top. I'm holding off as long as I can but at least I have a back-up if I need to. I wore the jeans for the first time today for reasons listed below. I can't tell you how weird it is to walk around in public in pants that don't zip or button. They are still a little big so they felt like they were going to fall down the whole time. 

The daycare saga continues. We were on our way to see another one yesterday morning and I got into a car wreck. I've never been in a car wreck before and it was totally my fault. I was so upset with myself. I'm a CAREFUL driver dammit, this is the first blemish on my record. I was going up a street in a very industrial area and every stop was a 4-way stop and I was looking for the street numbers on the buildings because I was trying to find the daycare (why I wasn't using the GPS on my phone and/or car, I don't know). I came to the (what I thought) was a 4 way stop and apparently it wasn't. I didn't yield and a lady plowed right into the side of my car. Poor Jay, he had to watch it all from his car right behind me. I'm fine, just a little sore. My car, not so much. The other lady's car, totaled. The adjuster said it was like $10k worth of damage on my car and it's going to take 2 to 3 weeks to fix. Ugh, my beautiful new car. I'm glad I was in the new car instead of the mustang!!! 

This is why I had to break down and wear the maternity jeans. I was worried about being sore so I wanted to wear the loosest thing I had to work the next day. It wasn't too bad but Tylenol sucks. It could've been MUCH worse so I'm very lucky. I was in a very industrial area so it could've been an 18 wheeler instead of a Toyota Venza and also I could've been by myself instead of having Jay there with me.  My pimpin rental is a Dodge Caravan. I will be trading it in very shortly though. I'm not rocking the minivan for another 15 days. 

Well it's time to start packing. We only have 2 weekends to pack before we move because we are going back to Oxford the weekend before we move. I'm so excited, I can't wait to get out of this apartment. I feel like everything has been put on hold until we move. When we get in there I can figure out what dimensions are where and what I need, etc, etc. Plus NO MORE STAIRS!!!! YEAH!!!!

My next appointment is on October 4th. I have to take the blood sugar test. Looking forward to that, not really. BUT I do get to have an ultrasound, which I love. My co-workers have decided to play the game of feed the pregnant lady. They bring me cake, etc. They've picked up on the fact that sweets are now irresistible to me, especially chocolate cake. Do you know how hard that is to resist? Baby Hawk likes cake, she takes after her Daddy on that. I'm going to have to nip the sweet feedings in the bud. It seems like everyone is always having a damn birthday. 

We are down to two names. I'm hoping Jay will break soon, he broke on the other one he was so adamant about, so I just need to wait him out. That's my game plan. I'm pretty hard headed, so he's no match for me...(insert evil laugh). Although, his patience and waiting skills are legendary. This shall be an epic battle. We both call her by the names we want so she will be very confused by the time she gets here.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 months down, 3 to go

Had an appointment today. 24 weeks and all is well.

My BP is good, I didn't gain any weight this month (which is amazing to me) and her heartbeat was 160. No sonogram today, he just listened to the heartbeat and measured my stomach, I've grown some centimeters but I can't remember how much. Had a small moment when he couldn't find the heartbeat but I should have told him she was more towards my back or at least that is where she is kicking, there and my lower intestines/bladder. He found her and said it was nice and strong. He says I'm doing great but I'm sure he says that to all the ladies :)

Next month I do get to have an ultrasound and have to take the glucose test. I'm NOT looking forward to that. I've taken that drink before and almost gagged, plus I have to sit there for an hour. I guess I'll need to bring a book! Oh well, I gotta do it.

There is a lot going on right now. I've started the daycare search process. We've looked at one and have an appointment with another on Monday. I'm going to look at 3 and unless the others are a good bit cheaper I'm probably going to get on the "waiting list" for the 1st one. Most of the people reading this have already heard about it but it's Willy Wonka's wonderland for babies. It's incredibly expensive but looks like everything out here is or at least the ones I feel comfortable leaving my baby with.

After I'm done and have made a decision on the daycare thing, I'm moving on the pediatrician. I got some recommendations from the doctor today, I've just got to figure out who's insurance is cheaper and who's in what network.

Jay has been put totally in charge of the move, I'm leaving it up to him. I can't do everything although it's driving me nuts to give up planning control.  I've warned him that his legendary procrastination skills will not work for this move, he has to book movers soon, etc, etc. or he will be moving all by himself :) To his credit though, he has already started packing us up and getting quotes. If you knew the stories, you would be impressed with this.

All of this has just got me very nervous about money. It seems that EVERYTHING is getting more expensive and is happening simultaneously with my work getting harder and harder to make money and more stressful. I know it will all work out and there are people who've made it way worse off than us but I've been dirt poor and in a place where all I could afford was Ramens and Totinos, I don't want to go back there. Whatever happens I know we are going to be okay.  I've been so careful and cautious these last couple of years in trying to get us out of that place, all of this extra expense seems like we are headed on a freight train back. I'm sure it's just me being overly anxious. Your money anxieties triple when you work commission. Jay and my co-workers are all over me about stress and working too much. Bad timing that my work has gotten more stressful than it's EVER been right when I get pregnant. They should have consulted with me and my family planning goals before making their decisions, I am that important after all :) I worked 12.5 hours the day before we left to go home. None of them were pleased, I was so exhausted I could barely see straight. I won't do it again, because I've taken so much crap about it and I know it's not good for me. I've limited myself to 30 extra mins a day and then I just have to get up and leave.

I've also got some kind of overwhelming urge to have everything done with the apartment/baby room before December. I'm having to keep myself from buying stuff too early because I don't even know what is going to fit and what isn't in the new apartment. But I just want to get it taken care of already. I think it's a combination of I'm excited to be somewhere new and I don't want to have to deal with this in December. I've also been trashing a lot of things in our house that we don't use.

I've dragged Jay to furniture stores, etc. By the way, if you want some afternoon entertainment you should "big purchase" shop with me and Jay. Two opinionated, analytical people who don't like to drop a lot of cash at one sitting shouldn't be allowed to shop together. At one point, one of the furniture people said, "I think you two have seen just about everything in here". This is because we circle the store and debate our know, the pros and cons, and try to convince the other that we are right. Then at some point Jay just says "Get whatever you want" and then I get really mad because I know he's shut down and he's done. I want your opinion dammit and I want you to tell me and argue with me as to why mine is wrong.

We signed up for the "6 week" course of baby/birth education. I would say after my attempt at swaddling a paper towel roll this last weekend, I might need it or the poor baby might get hurt :)

That's all for now. Talk to you later.