Thursday, November 15, 2012

Commencing Countdown in 5...

Another weekly appointment down. Another ultrasound.

She has finally flipped and is now head down. They say she weighs about 6 lbs, heart rate was 153. I believe that makes her in the 70th percentile on size. I have a little bit of extra amniotic fluid but they said that's probably because of the diabetes and they aren't concerned.

We have appointments scheduled out through December 10th and as we were walking out he said in 3 to 4 weeks we will have her delivered. As conservative as he is though, I think he's going to leave her in here until as late as he possibly can.So I'm thinking sometime between the 10th to the 18th, if I were a betting person and she will be around 8 to 9 lbs. Unless of course she decides on her own to show up early, which I hope she doesn't because I have a lot more to do and not enough time to do it.

I haven't picked a pediatrician yet, I just haven't had time. I really need to get that done. Things have been crazy at work and I'm feeling a lot of self induced pressure to get things done up there. I don't have any of her stuff yet as far as diapers, car seat, swing, furniture, etc. AND most importantly I need a pedicure, dammit. LOL. I've been trying to hold off so they will be fresh for the delivery but my feet are horrible right now. I think diabetes makes your feet look worse or at least mine do. (Yes I am fully aware that no one but me cares about my feet at delivery but I have so many other things to feel insecure about in this delivery process, my feet are one thing I control and make sure that they at least are decent)

I'm starting to get more and more nervous about the whole delivery part. We've been going to prepared childbirth classes. They've been interesting to say the least. I have learned a good bit and feel better than I would have if I had done nothing.

They would be really great if there weren't about 3 couples that are ALL about the PDA. I'm sorry, I know it's a beautiful time and some women love the way they feel when they are pregnant but that doesn't mean that everyone wants you to feel all up on each other and kiss constantly or start making out while we are all on the floor doing breathing exercises.  I just really hate PDA, especially in a damn prepared childbirth class. Everyone in there is at least 30 weeks pregnant. Jay said he felt like we were about to be in some kind of weird pregnant lady orgy at one point. I just close my eyes and tell myself..this will be over soon (I think I will be doing that a lot very soon). As much as I hate it, multiply by 10 and that's how much Jay hates it.

We went on a tour of the hospital, it's really nice but I have nothing to compare it to so who knows if where it compares to others. They have the highest level NICU you can have, so that makes me feel better in case something happens.

We also took an Infant/Child CPR class one night and I feel MUCH better about that but also think I might be bad in a high pressure situations, so I hope Jay will remember if there is a crisis.

So the countdown has begun. She will be here soon, I can quit giving myself shots, take some time away from work and we can begin our lives together.

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  1. I'm so excited!! I tell you I laughed and teared up during this post. Tears were all of happiness though. I just can't wait for Baby Hawk to get here so we can see those chubby cheeks ... and stop calling her Baby Hawk and start calling her ___________?