Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Realness

Well everything just got really real this week. Only have 8 and 1/2 weeks to go.

Got the 4D ultrasound done. Baby Hawk is beautiful. She looks like her Dad to me but she's still got 2 more months to cook so you never know. Jay and I are kind of similar anyway, as his Mom pointed out. I can't believe that that little thing is swimming around in there. I can feel her moving around a good bit more now, she must sleep a lot though because she only does around eating time.

Speaking of eating time. I now have to eat 6 small meals a day, write everything down and take my blood sugar 4 times a day. It's not too bad. I am, or I thought I was, doing really well until the doctor told me otherwise. The dietitian said that I needed to keep my blood sugar under 120, I was doing really well. The doctor wants me to keep it below 105! I don't think non-diabetics can keep this number. My 7 day average has been 107, so I guess it's attainable. I've made a few mis-steps in the last week. The worst was going to the greek restaurant, the guy assured me it was a wheat pita but it was NOT. My reading was 135 after that lunch. I won't be eating greek anymore.

We also got all moved in. I feel like I'm living in a hotel. We need rugs and lots of them and we need to hang curtains and pictures.  It also still smells like fresh paint so it feels like we don't live here.

We also ordered the nursery furniture today and crib bedding. I'm really nervous now because we should have done it earlier. They said it would take 8-10 weeks to be delivered (the furniture, at least), which means I won't have time to set up it up before I have her. I guess there are worse things in the world but I really wanted everything to be done. Her crib bedding is going to be really simple, it's just white and chocolate brown. The room is beige and brown it was the only thing that was going to work that we agreed on.

I really really do have a dilema though. My friend at work is INSISTING on giving me a shower at her house. I do not want one, period. Number one, because I literally go to work and home, I don't know anyone outside of those two places. This is going to be the most pathetic shower ever, like 3 people are going to be there. (I'm not exaggerating, really I'm not. Can you hire friends?)  I tried to tell her this and actually begged her but she won't listen. Number two, I really don't get into girlie things like "baby games", etc. It's just not my style. Number three, I don't really like being the center of attention. Geez, it's stressing me out. I'm going to have to tell her that she's causing me more stress and it's doing more harm than good. I appreciate her wanting to do something nice, I really do, but it's too stressful.

And finally, last but not least. The doctor says he's going to try to take me to 39 weeks. So to pencil in December 18th if I haven't had her by then. I have to start going once a week to do alternating non-stress tests and ultrasounds. I got upset when he told me this because I thought something was really wrong for him to want me to come in so much but my mom assures me that this is what they do with G.D. babies to monitor them and make sure that they don't get to big. It's just a lot. I go there once a week and to the dietician once every other week. I also got upset because in some way I feel like I did this to my baby. She's having to be monitored so much because I'm overweight and my body can't control itself. It made me really sad. The one thing I take comfort in is I'm at least going to be able to see her 4 more times before I have her due to all the ultrasounds.

Blood Pressure is still good, didn't gain any weight. Stomach grew and baby gained almost 1.5 to 2 lbs in 2 weeks. That's a lot but the ultrasound tech says that there is usually a growth spurt around 30 weeks.

Baby Hawk

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  1. Don't be stressed... that will just cause problems for you. They really don't want her getting too big for YOUR sake! If she gets too big and you try to deliver, there's a bigger chance that you'll end up with a c-section. You'll be fine. She's monitored and the biggest thing is: She doesn't have a CLUE that there's anything going on! She'll be a healthy, beautiful baby girl. I'm super excited and can't wait for December. :) Aunt Beck loves her already! Love y'all too.