Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sugar Sugar

Well it's official. I've got the diabetes or I guess I can now say, "I've got the sugar", as the older ladies used to say when they came in to the pharmacy I used to work at.

I found out on Tuesday after taking the 3 hour test on Monday. I was upset, I even cried a little but again I cry very easily these days. The nurse says I barely failed but to me a fail is a fail. I'm sure she could tell how upset I was in my voice, so she was probably just trying to not freak me out. I should have known by the way the syrup was effecting me in the 3 hours after it was a given. But I don't understand how 100g of sugar on an empty stomach doesn't effect everybody in that way! I guess it doesn't. 

SO, they are going to try to control my numbers without insulin, just diet and some VERY VERY light exercise. I can't let my heart rate get over 140 so that will be some slow walking since my heart rate runs a little higher than most people's. 

I had to go to a 2 hour meeting with a dietician today to show me what I need to eat and show me how to use my blood glucose monitor. Basically I can eat almost anything in moderation but small meals 6 times a day. No fruit juices, sodas, white bread or pasta or fried food. I can handle that. She even said if I plan correctly I can have some sweets on occasion. She said, you are 7 and half months pregnant and the holidays are coming up, I'm not going to tell you no sweets. Well, thank you lady. I appreciate that! 

I have to write all of this down and monitor my blood sugar levels and if I go 5 days straight and can't get them down, then I have to call them. If not, I go back in 2 weeks so they can review my data, tweak it if needed, etc. If I have to get on insulin it looks like it won't be for at least a month from now. Although, with all of these rules I'm starting to think insulin might be easier, LOL. Just kidding I know it's better for me to control this with diet. 

I did get a little teary eyed when they told me about what all it does to the baby and how it might can effect the baby if we don't get it under control. I'm sure they were just trying to scare me but it's still upsetting. 

I also got a lecture about stress, the work hours I've been keeping and skipping meals (of all the days, I got really busy at work and forgot to eat lunch, my blood sugar when we were doing our demonstration was 154, she said I simply cannot skip meals anymore-period. They want it to be 80-120). 

So I've had that going on, on top of packing/moving this weekend, on top of some crazy B.S. happening at work. I've had a lot of different things to juggle this week. I'm hoping once we get this move behind us, I will feel a whole lot better. 

The single most hardest part of all of this is going to be letting go of working so much. I'm just going to have to walk away sometimes and not get everything done. I can't work 7:30 to 6:30 anymore, she told me that was too much, especially in a high stress situation. She's right but its hard to let go of. This will be my challenge. The rest I can handle, this I will struggle with.

The name has finally been negotiated out. There were some serious negotations but I think we've gotten it worked out. Jay's getting first name rights to this baby, I get middle name rights. We both of two vetos and it will be opposite on any future children, if any, past Baby Hawk. We shook on it so I think it's a deal. Having trouble with the nickname, because this particular name has several nicknames that go with it but we will work it out. It's not a crazy name but I think it will be a surprise to most people. 

Move day tomorrow!!!

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